Friday, 9 April 2010


Hi All,

We are now well and truly up on the plateau, staying briefly in the small town of Ganzi from where we will head to our next field site in Luoxu. Journeying here is hard and the prospect of another 13 hour bus ride is not filling me with glee. This may not matter, since onward buses may not exist and we will have to explore alternatives. The local government forestry team are putting all their effort into getting us to the wilderness on time.

Ganzi itself is a curious, but friendly place. There are a large number of monasteries around and the town is awash with gangs of monks hanging out in their traditional red robes, with apparent time (eternity?) on their hands. There is a definite sense of other-worldliness that pervades these cut-off and remote outposts. Although we have flakey internet, I don't think many others have much contact with elsewhere. Nonetheless, the Tibetan people are demonstrating their unique hospitality (hic!).

Ever onward...

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