Monday, 5 April 2010

Like bloody paramoecium in a bloody fish tank…

In an effort to instil in our Chinese students the kind of enthusiasm that will get them to climb 2000m to our next field site, we have been conducting mini-tutorials over dinner. The nett effect of these sessions has been to spoil dinner. What I know is that students present as a diverse allsorts of types and we have those bead-covered clear liquorice pucks that are often left behind.  As a dedicated academic I am not deterred, but bean curd is not a hard enough substance to bang my head against. I’ll move these sessions to breakfast, where we have cake.

Incidentally, Joelene has been under the weather with something that turns people into Jabba The Hut (should that be hyphenated?). After being encased in carbonite and rescued by the feared Jedis, Oscar and Max, along with Dawn wearing  a gold bikini, I am now safe and she is on the road to recovery, thanks to antiJabbabiotics.

Having been in Chengdu for too long I now need more sleep and less Starbucks coffee.


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  1. I think the digitally remastered version has hyphens. Joelene, Joelene, Joelene, Joe-leeene