Thursday, 12 February 2009

Can the team handle the cold?

Having spent too many days in balmy Beijing, chasing equipment, batteries (I’ll stop going on now) and meeting (i.e. getting drunk and singing) with important dignitaries, we are finally poised to strike out for Xinjiang. Urumqi (the capital of the province) will be the team’s first taste of real cold, with -20 °C forecast. It’s been like springtime here. Most people in Beijing have been kept their puffy jackets on well beyond what I consider a comfortable limit. As my grandmother would have said, they won’t feel the benefit of it later.

Wrap up.


  1. Hi Phil,

    Unfortunately you wont feel the benefit of your gorgeously unctuous down hood - it's in the cupboard under the stairs :(

    Good luck with the next phase xx

  2. Hi Phil,

    Happy Valentines Day! Though I'm probably not the one who should be saying that to you. Is homosexual incest a crime? I suppose it's got to be in most countries but not cyberspace! (Are there any laws in cyberspace?). Anyway, glad to read most things are going well with you (you arrived safely, you survived the initiatory bout of alcoholism, etc). We're all
    okay having just broken up for half-term hol's (Hurrah!). I'm just killing time until the England-Wales rugby starts so I'd thought I'd see if this blog stuff actually works. And lo & behold it does (or appears to). Anyway with 10 min's to kick-off, I'll go & search for beer & snacks now.

    Love from all the inhabitants of Rock Cottage
    xxxxxx (Remember - no laws in cyberspace!)

  3. On my blog I AM THE LAW! I can block your sorry ass if I choose. However, I don't think the act of WISHING someone a Happy Valentine's Day really amounts to very much.