Saturday, 7 February 2009

Camera traps

The frustrations of final preparations! Having been generously lent some camera traps by the Snow Leopard Trust in Seattle and Tom McCarthy putting valuable time into arranging the shipment we were nearly scuppered by UK Customs, aided and abetted by FedEx.

Far be it from me to start moaning about the difficulties of life, particularly those faced when dealing with some large organisations. The individuals I liased with in FedEx were great - polite and helpful. However, somehow, between all the polite helpfulness there appeared some gaps into which certain bits of vital communication seemed to fall. I'll skip the tortuous angst ridden account which finally resulted in me having to drive to the airport cargo depot through the most atrocious weather the UK has seen for 13 years, because FedEx don't deliver on a Saturday!

Now, given where we are going and what we are planning to do I can not complain about a bit of snow and some diffiult driving conditions. So I won't. I was more concerned with the shame of losing to a technicality and failing to get the cameras despite the SLT getting them to the UK.

Shame averted and we are all systems go. Now I have to deal with the guilt of abandoning Dawn and the boys. No amount of snow bound motorway driving will get me out of that one.


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  1. We've reached an accord: no guilt