Saturday, 28 February 2009

...and we're out of here (again)

Once again, I find myself considering the numerous repacking options for my rucksack. Fieldwork beckons once more. We're heading to Taxkurgan today and then on to Mariang, roads permitting. Reports have been drifting through of snow leopard activity in the Mariang area, so fingers crossed they don't all bugger off before we get there. And that the reports are accurate - I'll be SO angry if we get photos of yetis again... Bloody pests.

Right, enough of this banter. I'm off. Updates as before via a satellite phone and the beautiful Dawn's prose. Let's hope I can relay some good snow leopard news and less about border guards and paperwork.

Keep 'em peeled.
WildCRU / Xinjiang Snow Leopards

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