Thursday, 28 October 2010

Gaia? Is that you? Are you listening in?

As the world's national representatives now deliver near end game statements; many "reaffirming [our] pledge to Mother Earth", ME (seemingly in response if your beliefs are so placed) goes and chucks Typhoon Chaba at Japan. She then invites us all to watch as it arcs towards Nagoya, with flight schedules crumbling in anticipation of it. The plan (if one exists) may be simple: "you people are **** useless! There is no way you are just jumping on a plane as leaving. Now sit back down and deal with this mess you've made!". The Earth Mother equivalent of earthly mothers everywhere "you're not going anywhere 'til you've tidied your room".

Not forgetting dad's too. But the old Father's more concerned with the temporal. Now he's going to give us a real talking to later, mark my words.

Baton down the hatches: squall's a'coming...!

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