Sunday, 17 October 2010

COP10 Nagoya

Dear All,

Long time no hear. Apologies for that (as ever).

International politics is a distant, conceptual dark energy somewhere out there, apparently binding the universe. Not so distant now. I was definitely under its crushing weight as Shi Kun and I negotiated our way through the security of COP10 in Nagoya. More experienced members here tell me these initial negotiations are the reasons little else can be decided - once you have done whatever needs doing, said whatever needs saying and conceded ground to secure a goody bag for your nation you are spent. There is nothing else in the tank to see you through the negotiation of treaties and inter-governmental agreements.

Lucky for the world, that we are merely here to present our work and provide these apparently long-suffering darkened room-dwelling souls with a glimpse of the world about which they so passionately joust. For those in the vicinity, we are at Stand 1 in the CEPA Fair. I'll find out what CEPA stands for and let you know (along with a pic or two). For now you can have one from the mountains (I've had requests).

I'll let you know what occurs, but now the opening ceremony! Ooh. Some awe-inspiring footage of wildlife and (inexplicably) some cats playing in a garden. Nice.

Much love to the world.

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